Christopher Watson is a Jahaitian American artist, born and raised in Tampa, Florida to a Jamaican father and Haitian mother. He attended the University of Miami, graduating in 2012 with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and Creative Writing. Following his time at The U, he moved to Brooklyn and started his music career. He worked his way up from busking on subway platforms to open-mics to a residency at No Fun Bar in the Lower East Side later that year. In 2013, he found his way to Hollywood as a participant on NBC’s The Voice. After releasing his EP ‘Part of a Man in late 2015, Watson became a regular performer on the NYC Singer/Songwriter scene. He took the show on the road in June 2016 on the ‘Til the Sun Tour’, performing along the east coast. He relocated to  Los Angeles in the fall of 2016 and has been turning the city on to his signature style.

His passion for music was first found in singing as a child with his mother and in church. His earliest musical influences were songwriters Jon Gibson, Stevie Wonder, and DC Talk. He sang in choirs at school and took piano lessons until the age of 11 when he picked up the drums. After all the years of singing and melody, it was the rhythm that defined his feel of music. Through the drum set and marching snare, he was able to explore the beats behind different genres of music. In college, he taught himself how to play guitar and started producing his own songs.

Christopher’s love for songwriting came out of a college english class assignment where he had to dissect a literary work and convey the larger interpretations. Being an avid fan of lyricists, he chose the song “Hip Hop Saved My Life” by Lupe Fiasco. Through analyzing the story, theme, and message of that song, he realized the beauty in songwriting. It was the first time he believed that songwriting could save his life. That summer, he wrote his first song and knew it was his form of artistic expression.

Watson’s message is clear: love and understanding. His easy-listening sound conveys this truth. The beauty of a song is that it mirrors our lives. Every song has a beginning and an end, and its our job as artists and people to make the time in-between as beautiful as possible.